Skoda Minotti helps employers deal with the impact of the ACA by planning a sound and customized strategies, and implementing them seamlessly.

ACA planning services:

  • Consulting on the applicability of the ACA to a client’s unique situation
  • Consulting on cost (‘affordability’) and coverage strategies—and their relationship to the ‘play or pay’ decision
  • Implications of reimbursement strategies to the employer and the employee
  • Cadillac tax planning
  • Designing and testing of internal systems to collect and monitor payroll data that will be needed for IRS compliance, including working with payroll vendors
  • Preparation of IRS filings and employee notices
  • Responses to IRS excise tax assessments


  • Access to proven ACA experts: We ask the kinds of questions that help to expose risk in your company and uncover cost-saving opportunities
  • Independent analysis of your situation:  We are paid a fee for our consulting time; our analysis is not impacted by the type of program that you eventually offer to your employees or the vendor(s) that you eventually select.
  • Systems and processes built for the long-haul: The ACA solutions we create for you will help streamline the compliance process over many years
  • Tangible results for planning dollars spent: We design your custom program to understand and minimize your exposure to risk and excise taxes

For more information, please contact Ted Ginsburg, CPA, JD, at or 888-201-4484.

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Ted Ginsburg, CPA, JD