Skoda Minotti Delivers on the Promise of helping debtors prepare and analyze financial information before, during and after bankruptcy proceedings.

We'll help you prior to bankrupty proceedings

  • Assist the debtor in the preparation of budgets, forecasts and cash flow projections in order to analyze the viability of the company
  • Assist the debtor in preparation of a financial information package to inform the creditors of the debtor’s financial condition and turnaround plans
  • Assist the debtor in obtaining out-of-court concessions from the creditors

We'll help you during bankruptcy proceedings

Assist in the preparation of monthly financial statements that are to be filed with the courts:

  • Balance sheet presented on an accrual basis
  • Income statement presented on an accrual and on a cash basis
  • Schedule of payroll deposits & other fiduciary payments (example – sales tax)
  • Assist the debtor in reviewing for preference payments made prior to bankruptcy
  • Assist the debtor with the formation of a plan of reorganization (e.g. prepare pro forma financial statements that show the effect of the reorganization plan)
  • Assist the debtor in evaluating the effect of immediate liquidation, instead of reorganization
  • Assist in the drafting of the disclosure statement
  • Review of professional fee applications

Questions? Contact Howard Klein:

Howard Klein, CPA / CFE / CIRA / CVA