Managing Growth Case Study


A nationwide distributor of houseware items based out of Northeast Ohio had tremendous sales nearly every year since its inception. However, its top line growth was not supported by a back office staff that was weakened by high turnover. The Company had also outgrown its accounting system and technology infrastructure, and faced warehousing inefficiencies and supply chain management problems. This prevented the Company from securing critical financing necessary to continue its growth. When the Company’s sales approached $10 million in sales, its accounting system buckled. Knowing they were in need of serious assistance, the Company’s own accounting package provider recommended Skoda Minotti to solve the problem.


  • Properly closed, to the bank's satisfaction, the Company's books and records through an around the clock effort, over a six week period
  • Located and hired a qualified controller who could independently tackle the issues necessary to further the Company along its growth path
  • This individual has since gone on to organize the accounting department, hire qualified operational staff, streamline the supply chain and consolidate warehouse space


  • The Company upgraded to a more sophisticated accounting system that will accommodate its future growth
  • Warehousing costs have decreased by 50% annually
  • Customer and vendor charge-backs decreased by 90%
  • Costs to hire and train qualified staff have decreased dramatically
  • The Company was able to secure the additional financing it was seeking to further grow its business
  • The company was recognized by Weatherhead 100 in the Emerging Company category

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