Skoda Minotti Delivers on the Promise of financial expertise and treasury services to support your charter school.

Skoda Minotti’s business and financial advisors are uniquely positioned to assist charter schools with their accounting needs. School boards looking for financial expertise and risk management may want to consider outsourcing their school treasurer responsibility.

Our treasury and bookkeeping services provide the guidance you need to review, assess and understand all aspects of your financial data. We eliminate the risk associated with having only one employee handle all of your books; you’ll have access to the full staff of CPAs, business and financial advisors at Skoda Minotti.

Our staff also includes experienced and licensed School Treasurers to oversee and maintain your school’s financial records.

Skoda Minotti is one of Ohio’s largest providers of charter school treasury services.

Education Industry Reports

As an added value to our clients and contacts, we provide quarterly industry reports in over 300 industries, including the following education sectors:

  • Education and Training
  • Nonprofit Institutions
  • Private Schools K-12

To sign up for one or more of these free education industry reports, please click here.

Questions? Contact Jeffrey Foster:

Jeffrey A. Foster, CPA / ABV

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