We Deliver on the Promise of helping you evaluate and resolve the financial ramifications associated with domestic relations and divorce proceedings.

In domestic relations matters, we have been engaged as an expert by monied spouses, non-monied spouses, jointly by both parties, and by various courts. Our analyses have been accepted and relied upon many times by courts and mediators in reaching their decisions.

Business Valuation and Settlement Evaluation

When a couple divorces, it is often necessary to determine the value of any privately-held companies that they owned during the course of the marriage. We first work to provide a valuation analysis that can be used in facilitating the settlement process. If a settlement is not reached, we synthesize our analysis into a valuation report that will be defensible at trial.

Marital vs. Separate Property Analysis

Depending upon how and when assets were acquired both before and during marriage, their classification can vary as either marital or separate property. Our group of experts is able to perform analyses to aid in the determination of what property is marital for purposes of allocating and distributing the spouses’ assets.

Asset Tracing

When ownership interests in privately held companies or other assets are obtained before and/or during marriage, it may be necessary to document when and how these ownership interests were obtained. We are able to review the relevant documents and summarize how and when an ownership interest was obtained to aid in separate vs. marital property analysis.

Forensic Analysis

Owning a closely-held business offers owners the opportunity to run personal expenses through their company in an effort to reduce their tax liability. There are also instances in which income received by a business is not reported to the IRS or when non-business expenses are incurred by a company on behalf of its owner(s). Our professionals have extensive forensic experience that allows us to perform detailed income and expense analysis to identify and quantify such occurrences.

Preparation of Document Requests and Document Review

Knowing what information to request regarding financial issues in domestic relations proceedings can be challenging. Our experts have taken part in numerous engagements, allowing us to use our extensive experience to determine what documents are likely to provide the most relevant financial data for the matter at hand. This also allows us to efficiently review any available documents and identify those that are most pertinent to the case.

Spousal Support Analysis

The determination of spousal support is often a highly-contested issue in domestic relations proceedings. We are able to assist attorneys and triers of fact in this process and provide insight from a financial perspective, including consideration of the potential tax ramifications of a proposed spousal support arrangement.

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