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Fueling Business Growth Through Planning

This e-book is designed to help business owners like you appreciate the value of planning for your business.

Fraud Prevention Measures

This e-book addresses several fraud prevention measures that businesses and organizations can take to minimize the risk of being a fraud victim.

2017 Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction Survey

The results of Skoda Minotti’s ninth annual survey of the Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction industries are now available for download.

Transfer Pricing E-Book

This e-book presents important information about transfer pricing for tax professionals and corporate leaders at MNCs, as well as those who seek to take their enterprises global.

Winning the Acquisition Game

Sound strategies and practical techniques to help you achieve victory at every stage of your acquisition journey.

Flexible Overhead

A bold concept developed by a longtime industry expert advocates a fundamental shift in how construction firms operate. Is it the way forward, or should firms tread lightly?

The 5 Stages of Value Maturity

If your business is poised at the threshold of its next growth chapter, and you’re ready for the next chapter in your life, the time to build value and plan for your ultimate transition may be at hand.

Skoda Minotti Insights e-Book - 2017

There's a lot to think about when running a business. Let our advisors shed some light on some of the biggest issues your business will face in this 12-article e-book.

Business Owner’s Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Learn how your company can earn substantial money by being innovative!

Manufacturing and Distribution Survey Report

Download our survey results of the Manufacturing and Distribution Indusry.

2016 Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction Survey

The results of Skoda Minotti’s ninth annual survey of the Northeast Ohio Real Estate and Construction industries are now available for download.

Unveiling Your Security Nightmares

Learn how your organization can identify, contain and prevent the latest malware attack, ransomware.

Skoda Minotti Insights e-Book

The business advisors at Skoda Minotti take a closer look at growing your business in this 11-article e-book.

Overcoming the Challenges of Today’s Manufacturer

This e-book provides insight and guidance on how best to boost your bottom-line performance.

12 (More) Great Ideas

Learn 12 great ideas for stretching your dollar in meaningful ways.

Exit Planning - Key Steps to a Successful and Profitable Exit

Our exit planning e-book introduces exit planning and addresses the most important first steps to a successful and profitable exit.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

In this e-book, we will share our views about staffing challenges and opportunities for businesses and organizations of every size and scope.

State and Local Tax Issues That Affect Your Business

Our SALT e-book addresses the state and local tax issues that affect your business today.

GOING GLOBAL: International Tax Issues to Consider Before Expanding Overseas

This e-book addresses the hottest issues in international tax.

Drafting Considerations for Attorneys: Buy-Sell Agreements, Accounting, Tax and Valuation Issues

This e-book will help you identify and understand key accounting, tax and valuation considerations when drafting and reviewing agreements.

The Anatomy of an Acquisition

This e-book will help you lessen your exposure to risk before, during and post-acquisition.

12 Great Ideas for Tax Savings

This e-book, “12 Great Ideas,” is a collection of our 12 tax-savings blogs.

What to Expect from your First Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Tips on how to choose an auditor and what to expect before and after the audit.

What to Consider When Designing an Executive Compensation Program

Attract and retain top talent with an effective executive compensation program

Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business

A comprehensive guide to help you understand valuation concepts to consider in merger and acquisition transactions

How a Company is Valued: An Overview of Valuation Methods and Their Application

A guide to the methodologies and components of the valuation of privately held companies

Skoda Minotti Insights: Thought Leadership on Key Issues in Business

The business advisors at Skoda Minotti take a closer look at growing your business in this 10-article series.

Tax Season: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Income Tax Fraud

Helpful tips to assist you in preventing identity theft during income tax season.

Valuation and Financial Considerations in Divorce: Common Issues and Concepts

A helpful guide to financial issues often addressed in divorce proceedings

Accounting, Tax & Valuation Considerations When Issuing Stock Options

Get a better understanding of valuation concepts, such as the stock option landscape, accounting & tax ramifications of issuing stock options.

Use Tax: Does it Apply to You?

The Use Tax - An excise tax on the storage, use or other consumption of tangible personal property as well as certain taxable services in Ohio. But, does it apply to you? Find out in this two-page whitepaper.

HIPAA Compliance E-Book

New regulations hold business associates just as responsible for protecting PHI as medical practices. What are the things medical practices and their business associates should know about HIPAA compliance? Find out in this e-book.

Considering a Valuation

The e-book walks you through the fundamental components of business valuations.

Financial Reporting Valuations

Learn how intangible assets are valued and how to account for them to ensure that the accounting for a new acquisition goes smoothly and will pass your auditor’s review.

Fraud Prevention

An insightful guide to how you can protect your company from corporate fraud.