Skoda Minotti’s SALT team can assist your business with various payroll issues. With the mobility of the modern day workforce, payroll taxes have become more and more complex. 

Given the changing environment, Skoda Minotti’s SALT (state and local tax) team can assist you in answering the following questions:

  • Where is state income tax withholding required?
  • If an employee is working in multiple states, where are you required to remit withholding?
  • What state is considered the unemployment state for an employee?
  • Does a state require insurance through a specific insurance company for workers compensation, or can you add the state to your existing policy?
  • Are there any local income tax withholding requirements?
  • Any there other tax ramifications as a result of having an employee performing work in the state?

Questions? Contact Mary Jo Dolson, CPA:

Mary Jo Dolson, CPA