Skoda Minotti’s State and Local Tax (SALT) team can assist your business in all aspects of state sales and use tax issues. We can find that obscure exemption for your business. We have experience with all states imposing a sales/use tax. We have participated in numerous speaking engagements on state sales and use taxes. 

We can assist your business in the following areas:

  • Tax compliance – we can assist with the preparation of the required state and local sales tax returns. We have experience in preparing returns for all states that impose a sales tax.
  • Nexus analysis – we will conduct a state sales tax analysis for your entity. While conducting this analysis we will approach to determine additional filings that are required but also to determine if any filings can be stopped. 
  • Voluntary disclosures – as part of the nexus analysis we will assist with addressing any voluntary disclosures that are necessary. We have experience in filing voluntary disclosures in every state that imposes a sales tax.
  • Sales and use tax audits - if your entity receives a state audit letter, we can assist you with the audit from start to finish.
  • Sales tax notices – we can assist your business in responding to various notices received from a state and/or city.
  • Sales tax taxability matrix – based on a review of your business operations, we can develop a taxability matrix that can be utilized in handling customer invoices and purchases to determine if items being sold and/or items being purchased are taxable.

Success stories:

Sales/Use Tax audits 

  • Skoda Minotti handled an Ohio use tax audit for a client. We were able to classify the client’s activities as printing instead of manufacturing. The printing exemption in Ohio is much broader than the Ohio manufacturing exemption. This resulted in a significant tax savings for the client. The audit could have very easily been a six-figure audit, but the final audit result was $21,000. Not only was Skoda Minotti successful in arguing the printing exemption, but we filed a refund claim for the client equal to the use tax assessment. Basically, the audit was a net zero.
  • Skoda Minotti stepped in after a client had received an assessment from a parish in Louisiana. The original assessment was about $400,000. We were able to work with the auditor and the client, and in doing so, we successfully reduced the audit to about $100,000.
  • A client was being audited by the state of New York for a sales tax audit. Skoda Minotti was brought in to assist with the audit after preliminary results were received. The preliminary assessment was a high six-figure audit. We were able to get the audit reduced to under $20,000. 

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