Delivering on the Promise of ensuring that your business meets today’s stringent regulatory standards.

You can’t afford an error. The cost of noncompliance in today’s highly regulated environment could devastate your business. We’re here to help, with sophisticated tools and advanced technology to keep you compliant. We’ll help you review and manage your compliance and protect you against worst-case scenarios.

Our people make the difference. Our team of high-caliber leaders in their field can introduce software and systems to help your institution work smarter, faster and more profitably. We’ll create systems to ensure compliance, and we’ll train you to use them and maximize the value of those resources.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Complete your Compliance Risk Assessment under the direction of one of our expert consultants. Our guidance includes completing the assessment, regulation clarification and documentation. We’ll help you complete this integral process.

Compliance Mangement Assessment

Gain control of your compliance. We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your current compliance management program and address gaps that can be improved so your system is tight.

Compliance Reviews

You’ve got a compliance program, but is it working for your bank? How protected is your institution, and do you have systems that comply with today’s evolving regulations? No one can afford to take chances. Our in-depth independent reviews of compliance with specific regulations will identify how well your compliance program is working and if changes need to be made.

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Kenneth M. Haffey, CPA / CVA / CEPA / CGMA / CFP