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Our approach is focused, practical and hands-on. In a complex IT environment where a range of compliance testing is required, you need a partner who can identify system errors and offer clear solutions. Rather than providing a laundry list of complicated system corrections, we hone in on IT issues that are a barrier to your bank’s tactical strategy. Based on your IT staff/outsourced resources, we make practical recommendations that can be put to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

IT Risk Assessment

A thorough assessment of your bank’s IT system will uncover technology risks and vulnerabilities. We’ll help you comply with FFIEC Information Technology Examination Procedures.

Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll help you find the security leaks in your IT systems, then we’ll develop and execute a strategy for securing your IT infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Is your IT system a target? Our team will evaluate your bank’s network security by simulating a computer system attack to identify external and internal threats. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

GLBA Compliance

Our team will guide your bank through Graham-Leach-Bliley Act Compliance and provide recommendations and resources to assist throughout the process.

vCIO Services

Need a virtual CIO? Outsource a high-caliber IT executive through Skoda Minotti. Our managed vCIO services will help you minimize risk, reduce cost and improve efficiency. 

IT Security Planning

Your bank could be the next victim of an online attack or data loss. Prepare your business to withstand IT threats with a focused, customized IT Security Plan.

IT Strategic Planning

Is your IT a platform for growth, or a liability as you consider expanding your business? We’ll help you develop an IT Strategic Plan that aligns with your bank’s short- and long-term objectives.

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Joseph Compton, CISSP, CISA