We Deliver on the Promise of helping your union reach fair compensation.

The most crucial part of any negotiation is determining an employer’s ability to finance the proposal. Our financial experts can help employees and labor unions in formulating negotiating strategies that result in a fair and impartial conclusion.

Our professionals have sat on both sides of the table and have used this experience to represent employees and unions in the collective bargaining process. Through a comprehensive financial analysis of historical and projected data, we can help you establish a case that is based on fact and reason.

Our professionals, including former and present elected local and county office holders, and city finance chairmen, are uniquely qualified to provide financial expertise. Our team of specialists includes Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners who have been involved with and provided testimony at all levels of the labor negotiation process.

Questions? Contact Frank Suponcic:

Frank A. Suponcic, CPA / CFE / CFF