Delivering on the Promise of ensuring that loans are made in accordance with board approved polices.

Skoda Minotti loan review services are quality control focused and designed to help your business meet complex regulatory guidelines. We scrutinize, evaluate and execute a tailored plan so your bank can improve profitability and efficiency in its lending function. 

Our third-party loan review of your bank’s portfolio is customized to suit your bank’s needs. Combined with our full slate of consulting services, Skoda Minotti experts can offer a comprehensive portfolio assessment that is in line with current regulatory loan review guidance.

Our loan reviews include:

  • Reviewing loan policies and making suggestions to improve those policies
  • Testing compliance with critical underwriting criteria and credit administration requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with overall risk limits set forth in the loan policy
  • Assessing credit files to assess internal loan grades and identify potential impairment issues
  • Evaluating methodology for estimating loan loss allowance in accordance with regulatory guidance

Questions? Contact Michael Luker:

Michael D. Luker, CPA