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The 4 secrets that will differentiate your onboarding experience and help retain your top talent.

“I carried my phone to my desk on my first day.” “I couldn’t even find a pen!” “They printed my name wrong on my business cards.” “I still don’t know how to check my pay stubs and it’s been 3 months.” “I haven’t printed anything because I don’t know what printers are near me.” This is all feedback that the Human Resources Consulting team at Skoda Minotti has heard from new hires.

Do you want to feel prepared for your new hires’ arrival? Do you want your new employees to feel like you’ve invested in them? Do you want to show supervisors in your organization that you’ve prepared their new staff to be productive quickly?

As our organization began to grow rapidly, the need for a more formalized, recurring onboarding program became a priority. Our comprehensive onboarding program was born out of the need to service many new hires on varying topics and provide the tools and information necessary for them to be productive as fast as possible after hire.

Skoda Minotti’s award-winning onboarding program has proven effective, and we want to share our best practices with you! Join us for this series on the essentials of onboarding.

Registering for this event grants you access to all four webinars.

Four Presentations Covering:

  1. The Why of New Hire Orientation – The Perspective of the New Employee (Completed)
  2. The Why of New Hire Orientation – The Perspective of the Employer (Completed)
  3. The What of New Hire Orientation – The Content of New Hire Orientation (Completed)
  4. The What of New Hire Orientation – Post-New Hire Orientation Procedure (December 14, 2017 - 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.)


  • Megan Last, CPLP, Senior Learning and Organizational Development Specialist
  • Jennifer Wintrow, Organizational Development Specialist


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Comprehensive Overview

President Trump and Congress have provided an outline of proposed tax reform that will impact nearly every individual and business in the U.S. Join Michael Minotti, CPA, and Jim Forbes, CPA, as we take an in-depth look at the tax policies you should be aware of for the year ahead.

Learn how these proposed changes could impact you and your business, and how to effectively plan for the change. The proposals change frequently, and we will provide the most current proposals or law changes. If changes are enacted by the time of the seminar, we will provide a comprehensive update.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Uncover tax techniques and strategies that can produce benefits for individuals and businesses
  • Learn what proposed changes have been withdrawn and what proposed changes are still in play
  • Update on the status of proposed changes and possible timeline

Event Details:


  • 11:30 AM Lunch & Networking
  • 12:00 PM Presentation
  • 1:00 PM Q&A and Closing Comments



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